AMELY Cap - Model #018-1

Product Description

Classic 6 Panels - Baseball Design Soft Cap with a rounded crown and a stiff peak projecting in front. 

- 100% Quality Soft Cotton Fabric (Peacock Blue & Standard Gray Colors).

- AMELY logo and Name are embroidered into the fabric.

- 100% SILK Customized AMELY Logo Woven Tag.

- Center Push and Camming Buckles provide easy adjustment while holding webbing securely in place. 

- Customized inner sweatband. 

- Six eyelets for maximum breathability.


Hiking Poles #020-1

Product Description


7075 aluminum alloy of 7000 series (Commercially called ERGAL), with zinc as the primary alloying element. 

Due to its high specific strength and excellent mechanical properties, exhibits good ductility, high strength, toughness and good resistance to fatigue, it is often used in rock climbing equipment, bicycle components, inline skating-frames and for all- seasons hiking poles.


* Tube diameter φ18-16-14 / Thickness 1.0mm

* Levers: Quick Flip-Lock

* Handle (Grip): Cork grips absorb shock and don't get slippery. They are nicely shaped to fit your hand and very comfortable. 

* Secondary Grip: An an extended EVA Foam grip to allow a quick change of grip, effectively shortening the pole on steep terrain. 

* Length: Size 24” (60.9cm) all the way to 54” (137cm).

* Wrist Straps with AMELY Logo Embroidered.



Different 4 ends ( Tips )  for different applications:

- Rocky surfaces.

- Mud.

- Snow.

- Hard solid surfaces.

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AMELY Waistbag

Multifunctional minimalist Bag



When traveling to a foreign country "especially one where you might already stand out as a tourist" having a waist bag is crucial! A medium sized waist bag is the perfect size for carrying everything you need close to your body! Plus, you won’t draw unnecessary attention to your things as you walk


Ever dug through your bag just to find your things and pulled everything out first? No need with a small waist bag , With loads of pockets and zippers, you can easily keep things organized if you’re packing it as an airplane bag. There are even pockets large enough to fit your passport, tablet, and phone, keeping them safe and secure.


A waist pack's compact nature minimizes the amount of stuff you carry around, so you stick to just the essentials 


Whether you’re traveling, need your hands free while juggling kids or groceries, or out for a run, the waist pack can handle it. Beyond whatever activity you can think up, a waist pack actually looks cool and go beyond its multi-functionality.


When traveling as a couple or with kids, there is often one person holding the bag with everyone’s stuff. With a waist pack, everyone can hold their own belongings and carry the weight. Solo travelers will also love the waist pack, because they now can keep their stuff in a smaller space.